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Bitcoin Mining

Cashflow machine

$18,000 USD
Everything done for you
Mining will begin within 90 days
Keep 75% of the profits
Profits deposited into your BTC wallet
Buy With Crypto
Secure crypto transaction


You can submit a request to sell your bitcoin miner and we will sell it to the next investor in line who will be willing to take over from there. Keep in mind there are no guarantees that we will be able to do this quickly.

This is a good source to check the bitcoin mining profitability:

The hashing power is 100 TH/s
Power consumption 3,250 w
Cost per KWh ($) 0.067
Pool fee: 2%

Harvest Protocol will distribute this reward to your bitcoin wallet address after receipt by Harvest Protocol, minus a 25% commission. Keep in mind the ROI you see on the website is current only and constantly changes based on many factors. To learn more about bitcoin mining profitability, we recommend you do more independent research.

Yes you sure can. We encourage you to send us a message and book a video call, or get any of your questions answered via email: [email protected]

We do not offer Ethereum mining.

The purchase of the bitcoin miner, the hosting fee, the possible repair costs if something breaks down the road, and the 25% commission that goes to Harvest Protocol for the maintenance of the platform. 

At the moment we do not have that option.

Price of bitcoin today

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Step 1
Invest into bitcoin mining
Step 2
We will purchase a bitcoin miner
Step 3
We will install the machine in a verified mining facility and connect it to a bitcoin mining pool at a corporate rate which gives us all 50% off.
Step 4
We will pay for the hosting fee because mining takes electricity and costs money every month.
Step 5
The remaining profits will then be split between you and us. 75% goes to you, and 25% goes to us. Harvest Protocol will pay out your share into your dedicated bitcoin wallet address as soon as the payout threshold has been reached.
Step 6
The process repeats itself.

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