Done For You Hybrid Crypto Day Trading

Hybrid Intelligence is the combination of human and machine intelligence, expanding human intellect instead of replacing it.

Let Artificial Intelligence and Human Intelligence Combined Do All the Hard Thinking for You.​

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Day Trading Service

Rockefeller Package

$50,000 per spot
Account manager
Keep 75% of the profits
Cash-out upon request.
Everything done for you
Funds trading within 24-72 hours
Buy With Crypto
Secure transaction


Crypto is a very volatile asset class so we do not recommend investing if you need the money back very soon. You can however withdraw at any time by sending us an e-mail and requesting an out.

Nobody knows where crypto will be a year from now but we invest and trade a large number of crypto assets, and to reduce the risk of loss and improve the chances of stable returns.

Yes you sure can. We encourage you to send us a message and book a video call, or get any of your questions answered via email: [email protected]

A 25% commission that goes to Harvest Protocol from the profits, not your initial investment. 

Yes you can. To start with more than $50,000 just e-mail [email protected] and we will send you an invoice for the exact amount you wish to start with. 

You cannot choose your own investments or make any trading calls. You can however request a withdrawal of funds and cash out.

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