Harvest Protocol's Whitepaper

Primarily, we are a bitcoin mining company. We also offer "done for you" day trading, and wealth management services because they go hand in hand with what our clients need.

Harvest Protocols Whitepaper

Harvest Protocols Whitepaper is important. Bitcoin mining works but not everyone has enough money or desire to learn how to start mining bitcoin, so we come into the market and propose a very simple solution. Invest into bitcoin mining but only partially.

so you do not own the whole machine, and you also do not have to do any of the work such as buying the right equipment, putting it together, finding a facility that would hold the machine for you, pay them their electricity share.

 insure the machine so that your investment is as protected as it can be, and connect it to your wallet so that you can take home profits year after year. 

Why will we survive for centuries?

If an apple company can survive for centuries, can you imagine what a bitcoin mining company can do? Our investors will rarely ever leave because we are consistently making them a good return on their investment, our clientele grows, our systems keep evolving and we are becoming an unstoppable force. 

One day we will have a giga factory that is mining bitcoin and making our investors a fortune, and just doubling the side of the company every few years. 

For a bitcoin rich company that is providing bitcoin to a great number of people, consistently and reliably, we are going to do very well, so we invite you on this safe journey with us. 

In order to understand the power of the compounding interest, one must not only hear the concept, or see it on paper but they must also experience it. 

Try the compounding interest calculator below. You can even put in arbitrary numbers you might expect such as starting out with $500, an annual contribution of $500, interest rate of 40%, number of years to 30 just to see the whole journey, year after year, and compounding percentage to 75% so that you can take home 25% of the profits. Try it, you may be surprised.