This is Your Financial Roadmap For The Rest of Your Life and Many More Generations After You.

Step 1
Invest 10,000 in Harvest Protocol. We will purchase Bitcoin Mining equipment to start generating income for the company to now develop. We will now have a cash machine which will ensure we NEVER run out of money. Huge problem solved.
Step 2
Build a scaleable system which allows anyone to invest even $1, and make sure the system is scalable an automated so that if an extra million people sign up today, we don't need to rely on people to manage orders and accounts.
Step 3
Reinvest profits into bitcoin mining and staking. It is always wise to have bitcoin on hand.
Step 4
Build an app where people can view their portfolio of products we offer, see how they are tracking, and be able to invest more, or subscribe for an automatic subscription. This will help people "set and forget".
Step 5
Get 1 million users mining bitcoin through Harvest Protocol. Ambitious? You haven't heard our final goal.
Step 6
Get 1 billion people using Harvest Protocol for bitcoin mining, crypto investing, and crypto education. Have the company live on forever and be managed by the people of the world who are involved. Trust in mass intelligence. Trust in the goodness of people to sustain worthy projects and have interest in developing it, very much like Bitcoin. The founder does not exist in the eyes of the public, so they do not follow him. They follow the project, and they improve it, because they understand that fundamentally it makes sense to take care of an eco-system that will take care of you and generations to come.

Contact us if you're interested in investing into Harvest Protocol.

The minimum investment for this round is $10,000 and the maximum investment is $100,000.