Vision and developments

Plan 'till year 2050

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Vision and Developments

1. A heater, that when turned on mines bitcoin.

2. Solar panels that mine bitcoin

3. A hardware crypto wallet with a fingerprint and if it is lost, it can be recovered with your fingerprint.

4. A bitcoin payment solution for businesses where people can insert any currency in existence and the merchant receives bitcoin into their wallet address, already converted. 

5. A card that people can spend anywhere but it spends their bitcoin.

6. Have our own gigafactory that mines bitcoin

7. Produce our own coin or token. Perhaps create a token in the bitcoin network and tie it to the price of bitcoin. 

7. Pay people a residual income for holding $HARVEST or whatever token we end up making

8. Maybe some sort of a miner that’s attached to the bottom of the plane so it’s always cool while it’s mining. The miners would be built into the bottom of the aircraft and start mining as soon as the plane starts flying.

9. Own 10,000 profitable bitcoin miners.

10. Create total automation in mining bitcoin, maintenance, harvesting, and paying out our customers and investors.

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